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  1. Regarding your article “Visiting Amerika”, shows how ignorant you are of this country. You have this elite title and yet you’ve shown yourself here as a stupid moron whose totally misinformed about a race. Which part of “Amerika” did you visit anyway? World order? Hello, what have you been smokin’ dude? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe “space aliens” are behind all these poverty around us? 🙂 I think you need to go out more often dude and visit America more frequently.

    There are millions of pinoys in America and most of them are happier there than in your little country. I’m a Filipino and been here in the US for more than 10 years. Based on my personal experience, everything that you said are full of SHIT! Dean professor, yeah right! How did you get that title anyway?

  2. Oh come on TheEqualizer – i love amerika too just like you do…

    but why don’t you write something about the Filipino people who lives in amerika, huh? why do they want to be in amerika? What are they doing in amerika?

  3. Dear Prof. Teodoro,

    Greetings from IBON! Thank you for doing an article on “Rogue State”. I have forwarded your article to Zed books, our partner in London.

    It might interest you (and “Bert” too) to know that there is also a Philippine edition of the book “Killing Hope” by William Blum. Like “Rogue State”, it is also available in major bookstore outlets such as the National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Book for Less, among others.

    Again, thank you for supporting IBON’s work.

    Best regards,

    Elo Serato

  4. dear sir teodoro,

    i am rowie madula from the college editors guild of the phils. we are thinking if we could invite you as one of our keynote speakers in our national congress in may to be held in albay. we know that your experiences and perspectives as a journalist will inspire our campus press.

    how could we get in touch with you?
    you can reach me at 09198577170. thank you very much

  5. Hi sir! I am one of the Fellows of the 14th Lopez Jaena Journalism Workshop held last year. How are you?
    I can’t seem to find a copy of ‘Mass Media Laws and Regulations in the Philippines” here in Legazpi City. May I inquire where I could purchase a copy of that book? A relative of mine is going to Manila within this week and I have requested her to buy the book for me. It would help her a lot if she exactly where to go.
    Thanks very much and more power!

  6. mapagpalayang pagbati po mahusay po website nyo.ipaparating ko po sa mga kaibigan ko tong web.

  7. Dear Prof. Teodoro,

    Thank you very much for accepting my invitation to be one of the member of the Board of Advisers of the Society of Environmental Journalists International Philippines, Inc. (SEJ-Phils.)!!!

    Other members include your colleague, Prof. Danilo Arao, chair of the Journalism Department of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, and Red Batario, executive director of Center for Community Journalism and Development and regional coordinator of the Belgium-based International News Safety Institute.

    SEJ-Phils. is very proud to have you as one of the advisers!!!

    All the best,

    President, SEJ-Phils.

  8. Hi Sir!

    I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me. I was a student in Mass Comm during your deanship and I have always held a high regard for you. I am happy to have found your website and your articles are really sharp.

    All the best!

  9. This article was posted in UP Manila, UP Diliman, and UP Los Banos. We hope our chosen, distinguished representatives, sent with this email, can represent justice to the injustice done to Mr. Cardema.

    Our Patriotic colleagues from UP Los Banos informed me that recently (last week), the Philippine Military Academy discriminately discharged one of its finest cadets. He was Cadet Ronald Cardema, a former scholar in UP Los Banos. He was said to be at the top ten of his class in PMA and was one of the most idealistic and most promising leader from the ranks of the cadets in PMA according to some of his PMA Civilian Professors (UP Grads also) which were allowed to be discretely interviewed.
    It was said that the main reason why Cadet Cardema was shown injustice by some PMA high officers was only because he had a relative who was killed two months ago. Noel Capulong, Cardema’s uncle and also a UPian, was a Bayan Muna Leader in Region 4. When Capulong was killed, Cardema and his relatives made a condemnation letter against the murder incident. The AFP was nervous about Cadet Cardema because he personally knew the ISAFP agents who had their surveillance on Cardema’s uncle before his murder. A Military Officer (PMA grad) sympathetic to Cardema said that ISAFP made this emotional condemnation letter look like a subversive document and branded Cardema as leftist since High School even though he was a CAT Corps Commander in High School and a UP ROTC Officer/UP Vanguard in college.

    Some PMA Civilian Professor (UP Grads) said that “Caio Cardema” and the UPians in PMA, always confiding with them, were low morale when a high intelligence officer in PMA investigated them and stressed always to them “Bakit ang mga taga UP, walang utang na loob sa gobyerno”. OUR ANSWER TO THAT IS “Dahil po nakikita namin dito sa UP na ang pumopondo samin ay hindi gobyerno kundi Taong Bayan. Taong Bayan na pumopondo rin sa gobyerno ngunit nakukurakot kung minsan. Ang aming utang na loob ay sa Taong Bayan po at hindi sa gobyerno.

    To Cadet Cardema, don’t be low morale, we are welcoming you back to the University of the Philippines where true Patriotic, Intelligent, and Idealistic youth like you truly belong.
    Mabuhay ang Pag-asa ng Bayan………

  10. By chance, I was teaching (“new”) Media Art for 10 years at a European art college.

    Aren’t “Mass Communication” and “New Media” two major prongs on the devil’s fork upon which the world now seems securely impaled?

    Living in Holland, I learned to understand the true meaning of “The road to Hell is paved with good Intentions”.

    Perhaps now I finally learn the meaning of the phrase “The Exception that proves the Rule”.

    Best wishes,
    trevor batten

  11. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for granting our request for an interview about media coverage of elections last September 5, 2006. However, we regret to inform you that the quality of the video material is not good as we did the interview inside the UP CMC journalism department, where light source, sound, and other factors that affect good quality of video were not at all controlled. In connection, may we request again for another interview this time in our own studio in CFA.
    I hope you can find time amidst your busy schedule. You can contact me through 713-2979, 713-2981 loc 716 or CP 0921-3409381.
    Thank you very much.

    Sheila Del Mundo
    Communication Foundation for Asia

  12. good day po. can i ask a favor po? can you help me with my report? may i interview you about parachute journalism? thanks po. pls send me a text message regarding this. 09273552703.

    kathlyn roxas from miriam college.

  13. hi sir. ako po si vijae ng College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP). Nais po sana namin kayong imbitahan sa Lunduyan 07 (Luzonwide journalism seminar and arts workshop) on October 19 at the Ateneo de Naga University, Naga City, Bicol. san po kaya namin maaaring idala ang imbitasyon? marami pong salamat.

    Vijae Alquisola
    National Deputy Secreatary-General

  14. Dear Esteemed Sir,
    I am Carmela Suarez,a student of Philippine Science High School. For my Social Science project (for the first quarter), I am doing the history of U.P. Diliman.
    Since you are an accomplished dean and advocate of UP, I was wondering if you would please grant me the chance to interview you or send you a questionnaire.
    Thank you very much, Sir.I understand if you can not do so. I am sure you have more important matters to attend to.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this. 🙂
    Sincerely Yours,
    Carmela Suarez

  15. Dear Prof. Teodoro,

    Hi sir! I was your UP Masscom student from way back more than a few years ago. Since gaining access to the online world some three years ago, I’ve tried to check on you and your thoughts every now and then.

    Anyway, I have already linked this site of yours to my blog via RSS feeds. I hope you can visit my blog: Sobriety for the Philippines.

    It has actually been many years since I last saw you personally. I’m just glad you’re still actively serving as a voice of wisdom online and offline.



  16. Hi Luis,

    I always enjoy your Business World columns. Friday 11 July was very interesting.

    Your lead in paragraph that Rebellions have been a constant part of our landscape since 1946 appears to me a bit short of reality.

    I am not sure I can bring to mind even one rebellion which the Philippines has done efficaciously.

    EDSA 1, 2, and 2-1/2 were more in the realms of comic opera.

    The entrenched establishment of the Church and the Ruling class have robbed the masses of any ability or cohesion to rebel. I can think of no other country on earth who has been subjugated, passivated, and all but emasculated for 500 continuous years.

    The Tibetans, the Burmese, and especially the Koreans when they put on their Red-bandannas, now they mean business.

    We have this delusion that we can have a velvet revolution.

    Marcos busts a few heads and we let him steal the seed money for 20 years (Until he is too sick to bust heads and then we “rebel”)

    Sulpicio Lines puts four ships on the bottom, one being the greatest sea disaster in history. They are operate totally in contravention of all International Maritime Rules, then they promise to pay the family of each victim the equivalent of about a weeks US wages, and we do not burn their offices or torch their ships or detain and “interrogate” their owners, or even close them down. A Philippine Tragedy, not a rebellion.

    To modify and paraphrase a Russian joke, They pretend to repress us and we pretend to rebel. Maybe we need a school teaching JJ Rousseau’s Social Contract and Rebellion 101.

    Regards Graham

  17. Magandang araw po!

    Ako po si Gil D. Turingan, 3rd year, kumukuha ng BA History sa U.P. Diliman.

    Ang UP Lipunang Pangkasaysayan (U.P. LIKAS) ay isang akademikong organisasyon ng mga mag-aaral ng Kasaysayan sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas-Diliman na nagtataguyod ng kaalaman at kamalayang pangkasaysayan. Isa sa mga gawain ng organisasyon ang pagdaraos ng taunang Pambansang Kumperensiya ng mga Mag-aaral ng Kasaysayan na nilalahukan ng iba’t ibang mga kolehiyo at unibersidad sa bansa. Ngayong taon, idaraos ng U.P LIKAS ang Ika-17 Pambansang Kumperensiya na may temang “Makabagong Umalohokan: Ang Ugnayan ng Kasaysayan at Mass Media” na gaganapin sa ika-26 (Martes) at ika-27 (Miyerkules) ng Agosto, 2008 sa U.P. NISMED Auditorium, U.P. Diliman.

    Kaugnay nito, malugod po namin kayong inaanyayahan na maging tagapagsalita sa nasabing kumperensiya tungkol sa Kasaysayan ng Mass Media sa Pilipinas. Inaasahan po na maisasalaysay sa kumperensiya ang kasaysayan ng Mass Media sa Pilipinas—partikular na ang pahayagan, radyo, telebisyon, pelikula at internet. Nakatakda po kayong magsalita sa unang araw, Agosto 26, 2008 (Martes) sa ganap na 9:55 n.u hanggang 10:45 n.u. Kasunod nito ang Malayang Talastasan mula 11:35 n.u. hanggang 12:00 ng tanghali.

    Para po sa kumpirmasyon at/o mga katanungan, maaari pong magpadala ng mensahe sa o makipag-ugnayan kina

    Bb. Ayshia F. Kunting 0927 2534194
    G. Gil D. Turingan 0916 4059576
    Prop. Jely A. Galang (02) 924 2966

    Inaasahan po namin ang inyong positibong tugon. Marami pong salamat at mabuhay!

  18. Dear Mr. Luis Teodoro,

    Greetings! We are Communication Arts students from De La Salle University. We would like to ask if you could grant us an interview for our INTPRIN (Introduction to Print) Class. The interview is about an oral history of a veteran journalist. With your experiences and credibility, we believe that you are the perfect interviewee for our project. We hope to receive a reply from you soon since this project will determine our final grade in the said course. Please answer our email on or before August 8, 2008.

    Thank you and good day!

    if it’s a hassle to answer through email, kindly text us through:

    Rachelle Ching 09175399773

    God Bless!

    ~Rachelle Ching
    ~Theodore Patena

  19. To: Mr. Luis Teodoro

    Good Day toy ou sir! I am Valerie Alonzo, a graduating JOurnalism student of the University of Santo Tomas. I would just like to ask if we can interview you for our thesis, “Abducting the News: A Case Study of the News Blackout and Sanitation in the Ces Drilon Kidnapping”

    I will be waiting for yur e-mail

    Sincerely Yours,

    Valerie Anne S. Alonzo

  20. Greetings Prof. Teodoro!

    Last October 2008, GMA News and Public Affairs launched a new program entitled, Case Unclosed. The show, hosted by award-winning broadcast journalist Kara David, retraces the past to answer questions that were left behind by events of recent history.

    Currently, we are working on an episode entitled the Kapatiran o Kamatayan, which we hope to air on 13 November 2008.

    In line with this, we humbly seek your assistance in making this episode possible by granting us an on-cam interview. We hope you could discuss with us your views on the existence of fraternities and its existence. We believe your knowledge and insights are essential in putting together an accurate, comprehensive, and balance report. For your convenience, here are some guide questions:

    o What is a Fraternity?
    o Where did it originate here in the Philippines?
    o What is Hazing?
    o How do you view fraternities today?
    o What can you say about the initiation rights of fraternities today?
    o what is your reaction to the number of deaths caused by frat hazings?

    We apologize for the urgency of this request but we are hoping for your favorable and prompt reply.

    Upon your approval, we wish to conduct the on-cam interview on Tuesday, 4 November 2008, preferably around 1pm. Should this time be inconvenient, we shall be happy to reschedule it.

    Should you have queries, please feel free to reach me through my mobile 0916.550.9207 or (02) 927.1893. or (02) 982.7777 loc 1445 or

    Thank you very much.

    Sincerely yours,

    Sandino F. Magno
    Program Researcher

    Office: (02) 927.1893/ (02) 982.7777 loc 1445

  21. I read your article “Green with Envy” and as a native-born US citizen I found it extremely penetrating and accurate.

    I understand your reference to “the unremitting parochialism of too many of its citizens and leaders”. For example, few Americans know of the behavior of US troops in the Philippines during the aftermath of what we in the US call the Spanish-American War (1898). One will find no references to this subject in school textbooks, and there is a general view that any criticism of past US behavior, particularly of its military, is unpatriotic. I beg to differ: It is not be unpatriotic to be accurate.

  22. hi dean teodoro! well at least when i was studying in UP, you were the dean 🙂 great site! keep it up, love reading your insights 🙂

  23. Hi sir, I’m a Communication student from FEU and we are in in need of a media ethicist/analyst for our thesis topic entitled “The projection of battered children as projected in QTV 11’s Draw the Line”. Sir we are asking for an interview po sana as soon as possible. We would like to ask po for your opinions/comments as a media analyst from the show. My email ad is
    I’m hoping for your king reply. Thanks sir.


    Everyday, we complain about graft and corruption in our country. We know people die because government resources do not reach them but instead fill the pockets of many of those in power. Little children are left begging in the streets while many of our politicians are quarrelling over what is left of the country. What then does our future hold?

    We know change we must, and 2010 presents an opportunity. However, with a little over a year from elections, we still do not know who or where our real leaders are. We do not even have a glimpse of what the real issues are. With more than 90 Million Filipinos, why can’t we find even a few among us who can lead the country to the clamored change?

    Now, Lead Philippines ( has teamed up with Di Duwag ang Pilipino ( to produce a weekly radio program that will:

    * Discuss in pressing details poverty brought about by graft and corruption
    * Interview potential leaders on their ideas on solutions to poverty and how to stop graft and corruption
    * Expose fake leaders from real leaders by challenging their ideas in an open dialogue

    We are now calling on volunteer writers, interviewers, field and/or online researchers and all those who can help us produce this radio program in whatever capacity.

    If you:

    * are a Filipino citizen, 18 years of age or above,
    * have high level of intelligence and maturity,
    * speak/write fluently and confidently both in English and Filipino,
    * are aware and concerned of national issues,
    * have an open, independent and critical mind,
    * believe that you can do a better interview than most in the mass media, and
    * have an extreme desire to see a better Philippines.

    We call on you to be part of our mass media campaign to help educate the people about our own problems and the solutions to them, and in the process help find real leaders of our country.

    Stop complaining about your country now… Join us and be part of positive change!

    Send us an email with your resume and contact information:

  25. Dear Prof. Teodoro,

    I was just reading the comments from the and I was writing to you about a similar topic.

    I have communicated with you before during the campaigns of President Barack Obama and you did respond with an article giving your insightful analysis of US elections. I thank you very much for that.

    The reason I am writing is that ( and maybe can also look into this) is that no one has dared or bothered to check the financial accountability and financial transparency of the Gawad-Kalinga/CFC group, which is an international charity movement homegrown in the Philippines, very well politically connected and now ingrained in the corporate culture. I am finding out that ANCOP Foundation which is a non-profit foundation in California, is registered here in Massachusetts as a for-profit foundation, of which I can send you a link to the Secretary of Commonwealth’s website accessible public documents, and what I am finding out too is that they are not listed under the Public Charities Division of the Office of Attorney General here in Massachusetts. I am not at liberty yet to tell you what the Office of Attorney General will find, but if they are soliciting funds without due recognition from the Office of the Attorney General then that is a big issue. Now, I can’t afford any libel suit to me or to anybody, but I can substantiate who I talk to and sources of my information. Non-profit corporations are required by the government to file financial reports to be made available for public inspection and the Office of Attorney General, referred me to a lawyer who will be doing the investigation. Non-profits are also required to file an IRS Form 990 to keep their tax exempt status. From what I understand, if Gawad-Kalinga/ANCOP is registered as a not-for-profit both in the Philippines and the US, they enjoy a great deal of tax exemptions. And to think of it, under Gawad Kalinga, they save a lot of resources,since GK workers does the actual work. Again, no one has checked into where all these financial resources of such charitable movement goes to, without the financial records available. If President Barack Obama is accountable for his budget, what makes Gawad-Kalinga exempt from being accountable for their funds? The only person who had the guts to stand up to Gawad Kalinga is a social studies teacher from Philippine Science High School named Martin Perez, and responses to his article about how GK messed up the Aeta Way of Life, misses the point, that although they have uplifted the lives of the Aetas, they of course, have to do it the GK way, seemingly without the consultation of the Aetas communities, I presume, but I do not have the facts on that.

    I am just a lone voice in the whole cyberspace, pointing direction to a forgotten accountability. The good thing about living in America is that you can be skeptical and cynical about things, and that makes people’s mind very progressive, enough to elect the first African-American president.

    Would love to hear from you and everybody.

  26. Dear Prof. Teodoro

    First of all, I have to tell you that you have a very impressive, very sophisticated, thoughtful blog! Your posts are compelling and deserve to be read by an American audience. So we would like to help your work get more exposure here in the United States.

    My name is John Wilpers. I am the Global Blog Coordinator for GlobalPost, a new international news organization that launched on Jan. 12. We were featured in the New York Times last month. We have also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, MSNBC, MediaShift on PBS, the Columbia Journalism Review, the Online Journalism Review, and many more.

    My job is to build a list of blogs that will appear on GlobalPost where we have approximately 65 correspondents in some 46 countries plus high-profile correspondents writing about major themes.

    We are looking for enlightening, informative posts from bloggers writing (in English) about the country they live in or care deeply about. And we were very, very pleased and excited to find your blog about the Philippines.

    After reviewing thousands of blogs worldwide, we think “” is one that is very well-informed and should be a must-read for our audience as they seek to understand a country that has played a large role in the past of the U.S. and promises to play a key role in the future. Your writing makes what’s going on in the Philippines very accessible for the person who is not a foreign policy expert. Good stuff!

    So, I would like to extend an invitation to you to have the most recent post of “” included on the Philippines page of as part of our “Global Blogs” service.

    The way it would work if you accept our invitation is that we would use your RSS full-text feed to place your most recent post on your personal page on We would point back to your actual blog for comments and for archives, hopefully driving lots of traffic to your site. Each time you write a new post, it would replace the older one so only one post would appear on at any one time.

    By appearing on Global Post’s exciting new international news website, your words, viewpoints, and pictures would gain worldwide exposure. In barely two months, we have had 250,000 unique visitors and 1.1 million page views. Our readers have come from every country in the world except North Korea, Chad, and Eritrea!

    Your posts would not only appear instantly on but also possibly on the sites of our partners, including the Huffington Post (7.8 million U.S. and 9.7 million global monthly unique visitors) and other news and information websites.

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    Global Blog Coordinator
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  27. Sir Teodoro,

    Mula po ako sa Crispin B. Beltran Resource Center (CBBRC) at nais po sana naming makabahagi kayo sa paggunita sa unang anibersaryo ng pagkamatay ni Ka Bel ngayong May 20. Kung mamarapatin po ninyo ay nais po sana naming hilingin na makapagsulat kayo ng isang artikulo tungkol kay Ka Bel bilang pagpapaalala sa sambayanan na ang mga simulaing pinaghawakan ni Ka Bel ay hindi magtatapos sa kanyang pagpanaw.

    Kung may katanungan po kayo o anumang paglilinaw, mangyari po lamang na i-e-mail kami sa Paki-address na lamang po kay Gng Ofelia Beltran Balleta ang inyong sulat.

    Salamat po at mabuhay po kayo.

  28. Dear Prof Teodoro,

    Good Day!

    Bearers are bonafide students of the College of Communication of the
    Polytechnic University of the Philippines. We are enrolled this semester in
    the subject Thesis Writing and Defense which requires us to write a research

    It is for this reason that the undersigned is requesting you to be one of the
    informants in our study entitled A Case Study of the Emerging Careers in
    Online Media.

    We are also requesting for your contact number and address so that we can
    visit you at your office in your most convenient time.

    We are hoping for your immediate response.

    Thank you very much!

    Very truly yours,

    Manuela Dita Tado
    Jessica Avila
    Jennifer Alejo

  29. Dear Sir Teodoro,

    Good Day!

    Bearers are bonafide students of the College of Communication of the
    Polytechnic University of the Philippines. We are enrolled this semester in
    the subject Thesis Writing and Defense which requires us to write a research

    It is for this reason that the undersigned is requesting you to be one of the
    informants in our study entitled A Case Study of the Emerging Careers in
    Online Media.

    We are also requesting for your contact number and address so that we can
    visit you at your office in your most convenient time.

    We are hoping for your immediate response.

    Thank you very much!

    Very truly yours,

    Manuela Dita Tado
    Jessica Avila
    Jennifer Alejo

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  31. Sir,

    Please contact me, as I am a victim and need guidance on what to do against rogue government officers who violate media personalities.


    RP Victim

  32. Good day Mr. Teodoro,

    I am from University of the Philippines Baguio, and currently a sophomore Journalism-Broadcast communication student. I am also a staff writer in our campus publication, UPB Outcrop.

    I would just like to ask what is journalism for you and what are your core values as a journalist.

    I ask those questions so that I can learn more about the field as a beginner.

    If you would answer my questions, I will write a 300-word reflection essay for me to practice my writing skills.

    I am hoping for your favorable response as soon as possible.Thank you very much.

    For the free press,

    Plarlene Juliane A. Valentos (e-mail)

  33. dear sir,

    goodevening po s inu…pede po b alaman ang biography nyo kasi po kailangan lang po nmin s skul…at humahanga pa ako s inyo s mga sinulat nyo..
    sna po pagbgyan nyo po ang hiling ko.. e2 po ang email add ko po..sana po mapadalhan nyo po aq ng sample ng bhay nyo..

    salamat po..

    trully yours,

    sebastian angelo

  34. Dear Prof. Teodoro:

    I want to avail your book MASS MEDIA LAWS & REGULATIONS IN THE PHILIPPINES. Is the amount P300 as advertised in the internet? How about shipping cost? Can i pay through your account? If ok can I deposit it at what account number?>

    I am teaching media laws and ethics and very rare there are textbooks about the subject. Most of the books are in American setup.

    Muchas Gracias

    Prof Bong Bue
    Mass Communication Dept.
    Western Mindanao State University, Zamboanga City
    Mobile: 09198041780

  35. Dear Boots:

    Your past comments regarding Ancop and accountability caught my attention. I was introduced to this so-called non-profit foundation by someone who possess such personality contrasting that of a charitable individual. Too many red flags. One could smell a foundation that’s raking lots of money for selfish reasons more than charitable ones, if not all.

    You’re not a lone voice. I would like to join you in your research. It is simply distrubing to know of so-called non profit groups that exploit the poor and hungry for their financial gains. Their sales tactics are deplorable and wise individuals are able to see through them. Unfortunately, too many people are taken by these phony groups. Very sad.

    I am very curious as to how much their reps make.
    In case you see this post, please e-mail me at

    J. Miyashita

  36. hi sir,

    good morning. I’m marian navales-pulgo of radyo veritas, we would like to invite you on saturday aug.28, 2010 to be our studio guest in our program VERITASAN hosted by Fr. Nick Lalog from 10:30 am to 11:55 am. Topic: media coverage of hostage drama.
    how can we contact you?

    our studio address, 162 West Ave. corner Edsa QC formerly paramount theater near SM north and trinoma.

    you can contact me through my mobile no. 09186883485 or at 925-7932 to 39 and our direct line 927 2853.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  37. Dear Sir,

    Good Evening. I am a graduating student of San Beda College Alabang. My goupmates and I are hoping to interview you for our thesis. Our topic is Effectiveness of Twitter as a News Platform. We believe that you have an astounding reputation and that you will be able to enlighten us about it. Please reply soon on how we could contact you and set a formal informational interview.

    You can contact us through my e-mail,

    Thank you very much.

  38. March 16, 2011

    Dear Sir Teodoro,

    I am a student of the University of the Philippines Manila taking up Development Studies. As a course requirement in Development Studies 112 (Development in the Third World) handled by Prof. John N. Ponsaran, we are tasked to conduct a short interview through electronic mail about various issues and concerns confronting the Third World. The topic assigned to me is Journalism for the Masses. I believe that your expertise and experience could help me significantly in this endeavor.

    The purpose of this interview is to gather informed and critical insights from experts. The compilation will then serve as additional reading materials in class.

    Attached herewith are my interview questions. You may leave additional messages in my e-mail address provided below.

    Thank you very much and may this request merit your reply.

    Roschelle V. Lapeña
    3rd Year BA Development Studies

    Endorsed by:

    Prof. John N. Ponsaran
    Development Studies Program
    Department of Social Sciences
    University of the Philippines Manila

  39. Dear Dean Teodoro,


    We hope you’ve already heard about the plight of ex-Collegian editor Ericson Acosta who was illegally arrested by the military in Samar, and has spent more than 2 months now in detention at the Calbayog City sub-provincial jail. Please visit Ericson’s campaign blog We’ve also put up a separate blog as his prison diary. (

    Thanks! Have a blessed Holy Week.

    Free Ericson Acosta Campaign

  40. Good afternoon po Mr. Teodoro. Aba’y shempre dapat Government MUST apologize to the Luneta hostage victims. Had Secretary Sonny Coloma as Head of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (aside from bragging that he is a PROFESSOR at the AIM-EXPERT in CRISIS MANAGEMENT every time he introduces himself, 3x ko na narinig sa TV) asked for a news blackout, the media would have cooperated. Remember that incident when the Talibans threatened to behead a Filipino taxi driver whom they held hostage if then President GMA did not pull out Philippine contingent troops in the Iraq war? GMA asked for a news blackout and the media readily complied with her request, although media was at war with GMA because of Garci. Mabait po naman ang mga Pinoy na media, kelangan lang may humiling mula sa palasyo dahil shempre kung boluntaryo silang kanya-kanyang iiwas na i-air yung pangyayari eh mauunahan naman sila ng kakompetensiyang istasyon ng telebisyon. Pero kung LAHAT SILA would agree to stay off the story or refrain from covering the story live on air, everyone certainly would have agreed in order to save the hostages. Pero Secretary Coloma did not know what to do when his expertise was needed most, THAT IS WHY GOV’T SHOULD APOLOGIZE, IT FAILED TO DO WHAT IT HAD TO. There is no excuse for Coloma’s inaction because as an EXPERT in CRISIS MANAGEMENT and Chief of the PCOO, aside from the fact that after the Taliban experience we now know that it is not difficult to appeal to the heart of every media PERSON in times when lives are in danger , Coloma should have used his Office and presumed skills. I doubt whether Coloma would already know what to do should a similar situation happen again. Tsk tsk. – s.filimon

  41. Hi sir, I left a message in your UP mail account. That was the only contact information I was able to find in the internet. Thanks!

  42. Dean Teodoro, I’m a former student of yours in UP CMC. I just noticed some advertising keywords below this blog of yours. And I think even your meta data within the site has been changed (hacked?) that when people Google you, this site appears on top of the listings but the links are messed up.

    I hope this was not recently hacked. Please change your passwords, and even username if possible. Thank you!

  43. Dear Sir Teodoro,

    We are a group of students from De La Salle University – Manila studying Communication Arts. As a part of our requirements in a course we are currently taking (Introduction to Print under Mr, Gerardo Mariano), we would like to arrange a meeting with you to conduct a short interview consulting your knowledge, opinion and viewpoint as a professor regarding the pending House Bill No. 03160 or the “Journalist: Welfare and Protection Act of 2010”. If you are available within the next week, please contact us via email (through or phone (through 09329261280) for us to discuss a possible date and time for our meeting.

    We hope for your kind consideration. Have a good day and God bless!

    Mark Demayo
    Denise Sales
    Lisa Fortun

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