Rodrigo Duterte presides over an IATF meeting

Rush to ‘normalcy’

Why the rush to declare the country in a state close to “normalcy” despite lingering issues, the most worrisome of which is the apparent disconnect between what doctors are experiencing on the ground and the Duterte regime’s confident narrative that the contagion has been contained? 

Rodrigo Duterte

Legacy of violence

Spawned by the violence of provincial politics, the Duterte despotism is likely to go down in history as the only Philippine regime whose head was prosecuted for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court

Commedia dell’arte

One would have hoped that as in the Marcos martial law years there would arise a number of groups contesting and challenging the current dispensation on the basis of principle and national interest, or that some existing “political   parties” would  change enough to  do the same. But only the 1Sambayan coalition has emerged to…

An epidemic of candidates

The news media can help the electorate look beyond the money, the power, the connections and the notoriety/prominence of the dynasts and incumbents by reviewing their track records in government and their competence, honesty and commitment to this country and its people’s well-being.