That ‘piece of paper’

He could have assured the press of State protection of its freedom as a necessary pillar of democratic rule, together with free speech, free expression — and yes, re-affirmed the citizenry’s right “peaceably to assemble and petition the government for the redress of grievances.”

Media access and the right to know

The accreditation of bloggers that Marcos Junior’s choice for Press Secretary (she will also head the Presidential Communication Operations Office) is planning is not new. It was also considered by her predecessor, but abandoned because of problems over which bloggers would join the Malacañang Press Corps in covering the President.

A chance to do better — and  move on

“Do something about it” should  be the incoming  administration’s mantra, if, as Imee Marcos implied, having been given a “second chance,” it indeed intends to do a better job at governance than the first Marcos regime.

Media policy as election issue

Glaringly absent in the current election campaign is any mention of the media as an election issue.

Their own worst enemies

More than the supposed “fronts” of the CPP, what the demise of the Party List System as it was originally conceived is telling the poor and the powerless is that reforms can only be achieved through armed means.


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