No exit

The record-breaking surge in the number of daily COVID-19 cases and its devastating impact on business operations and workers’ livelihoods are among the more visible consequences of the government’s pre-holiday rush to seeming normalcy as the year 2021 was ending.

Approaching midnight

Not only a national plan is needed. A truly global program to address climate change  is also imperative.

Screenshot from NHCP's "Lipunang Papel"

Corrupted and corruptor

Today as in the past, the culture of corruption is the creation of, and is sustained by, the corruptors.

Estrada, Duterte, Arroyo, Marcos

The ties that bind

Without Go to muddy the political waters, the Arroyo and Estrada political parties declared their support for the Marcos Junior-Sara Duterte team together with Marcos’ party and Sara Duterte’s own.