It’s at least partly about oil, if not primarily about it and only dimly about antiterrorism

Prof. Luis V. Teodoro is a former dean of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, where he used to teach journalism. He writes political commentary for BusinessWorld.

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  1. I feel a disturbance in the force!!! it seems evil is prevailing. I am not an american, nor will I ever wish that upon someone, as it must be the lonliest place for a good person. one point i need to highlight is the FAILURE OF THE PRESS. U.S.A. claims to be a nation of freedom, and yet I cant think of another more controlled place in the world, even dictatorships are bad, i agree, but not on this scale. Bush, Cheney & chums have managed to convince the 6-700 million americans in there cause for WORLD DOMINATION, sorry I mean “spreading of democracy”. FREE PRESS??? was that a joke??? I cant understand why the entire world(not U.S.A.) knows what america is up to, and yet their press does absolutely minimum to do tis job. Poloticans should be liable to scrutiny by the press, its the PRESS@S job to prevent mass murdering’s, to prevent coprruption, by reporting on it, and making public awareness. WATERGATE was a good example, and another more questionable one was the Clinton-lewinski issue. BUT, wot has happened after that? Why havent the press caused the resignation of BUSH and CHENEY yet? they were all fooled by WMD’s, completely, hell they even declared BUSH president before he had actually officially one, AND they did the same mistake 4 years later with thinking KERRY might have won it. irrespective of that, I feel sad that the largest superpower is infact the largest dicatorship Ive ever seen, and it is a dictaorship, governed buy MONEY & OIL & POWER, with BUSH, CHENEY & co, all accessories to it.

    It seems EVIL will prevail for 8 years, i PRAY that the balance will shift again, but in all honesty, i fear its too late. U.S.A is no longer governed by any freedoms at all, it is CONTROLLED by large MULTINATIONALS. put simply, Its the largest COMPANY on EARTH.

    Freedom of press is still a joke, cos even after a handfull of people went to extremes to make FILMS about the real BUSH, he still won a 2nd term. If BUSH was my father, I would have divorced him, and sent him to JAIL.

    by the way, they all have oil interest, ure right, and cheney managed to become a very rich man with his prior job at HALLIBURTON, made alot of americans poor though, by lay offs, selling equipment to IRAQ while sanctions were on vis european controlled firms, even though aid couldnt reach iraq, and by having the same accountants as enron!! SHares went form >$50 to now around $10.


    p.s. Israel and U.S.A are the cause of “terrorists=ordinary people protecting their families” WHY WONT THEY DISARM.

    How can U.S.A expect the world not to aquire NUKES, when after sighning the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, article 6 clearl said that they would begin decomissioning of their arsenal, each 100x more powerful then hiroshima, and i think they have around 600-6000 nukes strategically aiming at points around the world. HIPOCRITS. US have broken the law by breaking the ANP treaty first, so did U.K., (of which I am a resident of).

    I dont feel its safe for our children anymore, i dont feel its safe at all.

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