Response during the awarding of the 2019 Titus Brandsma Press Freedom Award


I am more than honored at being the recipient of the 2019  Titus Brandsma press freedom award. I am accepting it in behalf of the many journalists across the country who, despite physical attacks, death threats, censorship attempts,  bans from coverage, whimsical libel suits, and red-baiting continue the necessary task of seeking the truth and reporting it. Most of all am I accepting it in memory of the 165 journalists and media workers who have been killed in this country since 1986 because of their work, among them the 32 killed in the 2009 Ampatuan massacre, the tenth anniversary of which will be on November 23. They deserve the honor more than I do:  press freedom is best defended and enriched by journalists’ practicing it and refusing to be silent or silenced.

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