Defying the virus

Rodrigo Duterte

With over 500 cases in the Philippines, the COVID-19 threat is already serious enough to concern everyone. But its unwanted  presence has also further exposed Filipinos to the authoritarian virus that to this day  has survived the 1896 Revolution, World Wars I and II, the EDSA civilian-military mutiny of 1986, and the untiring efforts of human rights defenders, independent journalists, committed artists and academics, civil society organizations, and social and political activists to combat it.  

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How sweet it is

Duterte and Jinping

To most Filipinos who have become only too, too familiar with dishonesty in government, it may look like just another symptom of the corruption that is still metastasizing throughout the civilian and military bureaucracy that then candidate for president Rodrigo Duterte promised to end in 2016. 

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Quo vadis, quo warranto?

Jose Calida and Rodrigo Duterte

A 17th-century English writ that  challenged a person to prove by what authority he holds a public office, a power or a franchise, a quo warranto plea has been used  in this country for the second time in two years  in an attempt to silence and penalize another Duterte-perceived critic.

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