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Duterte and Enrile

In the evening of February 22, 1986, then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Vice Chief of Staff Fidel Ramos announced that they were withdrawing their support for the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. It was only a few hours after AFP Chief of Staff Fabian Ver had discovered and foiled their plan to storm Malacanang, oust Marcos, and replace him with a military junta.

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A problem like Sotto

Dozens of Philippine bloggers, and academics from the Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University and the University of the Philippines, have filed an ethics complaint against Senate Majority Floor Leader Vicente Sotto III for plagiarism.

The complaint came at about the same time that the Senate received a letter from Kerry Kennedy, daughter of the late former US Attorney General Robert Kennedy, who was also the brother of former US President John F. Kennedy, demanding an apology from Sotto for passing off as his own, portions of a speech Robert Kennedy delivered in 1966. US blogger Sarah Pope has also declared her intention to file a similar complaint, for Sotto’s use of her blog posts in the course of his arguing against the passage of the Reproductive Health bill.

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NO, this isn’t about the self-serving attempt to deodorize martial law and the role of such individuals as Juan Ponce Enrile in it, in the worst case of historical revisionism since Gregorio Zaide claimed that Spanish conquest was the best thing that ever happened to these islands.

Two events occurred in the past week during which the political dynasties that have had a monopoly over political power in this country since 1946 went on an in-your-face display of how, despite the occasional shootings among them, they’re all in the business of running this country into the ground together. Both events showed that even if they do sometimes fight for power and its spoils, basically they’re all one family, whatever the difference in the names of their so-called “political parties,” which makes elections not about choice, but about keeping the same people and their relatives in government.

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