Le clique cheek


Where is Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro (no relation) getting the audacity–the sheer cheek — to run for President of the Philippines? And what led the Lakas-CMD-KAMPI executive committee to endorse his nomination?

It’s certainly not from the results of the surveys. Every poll ever taken since a year ago and until the other day puts Teodoro among the least preferred successors to Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo, together with sidewalk vendor terror and footbridge builder Bayani Fernando. Teodoro is in fact running neck and neck at last place with Fernando, Jamby Madrigal, “Don’t know,” and “No preference.” In some surveys his name doesn’t even appear because no respondent mentioned him at all. So scratch the surveys out as a source of Teodoro’s and the Lakas-CMD-KAMPI executive committee’s optimism.

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