An “Amboy” is a friend of the United States and a student of its history. The mainstream Left was an admirer–it idolized–the defunct Soviet Union. The armed rebellion that’s been going on in this country since the late sixties is the cause, not a result, of the country’s poverty and backwardness–its lack of development.

These and other misconceptions, historical distortions and sheer ignorance of the facts partly characterized the farewell press conference incoming Arroyo Secretary of Foreign Affairs Blas Ople held last week at the Senate. Ople was reacting to claims from the legal, aboveground militant groups that he was “an Amboy” and had been designated foreign affairs secretary as part of Arroyo government’s apparent determination to deepen Philippine dependence on the United States.

(TODAY, July 30, 2002)

Prof. Luis V. Teodoro is a former dean of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, where he used to teach journalism. He writes political commentary for BusinessWorld.

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