A Pinoy of better caliber


Quite by accident, I read a letter emailed to the editor of one of the Manila dailies (not the Business Mirror) last week. Judging from her name and email address, the letter writer’s a Filipina married to a Belgian national. But I’m sure her husband looks nothing like those bandy-legged, balding and toothless specimens of Caucasian manhood we often see in these parts fighting off 18 to 30-year old Filipinas who want to marry them so they can relocate to the prosperous West.

In any event, you could sense the anger in this Filipina-married-to-a-Belgian beyond the actual words she used, which by themselves were already quite pugnacious. Continue reading

A Filipino-made tragedy


Last Saturday’s stampede at the PhilSports Arena (formerly Ultra) in Pasig, Metro Manila during what would have been the first anniversary of the ABS-CBN noontime TV show “Wowowee” has been aptly described as a sign as well as consequence of how desperately poor most Filipinos are.

Despite government statistics claiming economic growth, the class structure in this country bars the poor from benefiting from it enough, or even at all. The unexpected increases in productivity last year were thus pleasant surprises only for government economists, but meaningless to the legions of the poor, for many of whom hunger is a daily visitor. Continue reading