Vote of confidence


House Speaker Jose de Venecia’s campaign to raise P5 billion in donations from business and government officials has provoked the usual partisan responses as well as middling business response.

Like good de Venecia soldiers, 68 members of the House majority so far have agreed to have one month’s salary remitted to the National Treasury. But the 26 members of the minority have balked at doing the same thing, and have decided instead to pool their donations for turn-over to a civic organization that would build schoolhouses. Continue reading

The government they deserve


There is every possibility that for all the damage he’s done to the world and the United States, George W. Bush will be reelected this November. As the US Republican Party wound up its national convention yesterday (Thursday in the United States) and nominated Bush as expected, he’s in fact likely to take the lead from his Democratic Party rival John Kerry.

A Bush victory in November would not be due solely to Kerry’s failure to excite US voters. It would primarily be because Bush represents a stream in US politics that appeals to the racism and chauvinism that more than anything else define most Americans’ views of themselves and the world, and which regard as an offense to human nature anyone and anything that dare oppose US power. Continue reading

Letter requesting support for Dr. Encanto


To all members and alumni of the UP Journalism Club
To all students and alumni of the UP College of Mass Communication

Dr. Georgina Encanto, who was dean of the UP College of Mass Communication from 1984 to 1990, has been nominated for the presidency of the University of the Philippines System. This is the first time that anyone from our College has ever been in contention for the highest post in our University.

I would appreciate your support for her, not only because she is member of the faculty of UP-CMC, but also because she has the vision, plan of action and the will to carry that plan out to extricate the University from its present crisis. Continue reading