Reinventing EDSA

The 35th anniversary of the 1986 civilian-military mutiny known as EDSA I — or as its participant-adherents then called it, the People Power Revolution — that overthrew the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship and forced him and his family to flee to Hawaii, USA came and went this year with hardly anyone noticing.

Uncivil wars

The “uncivil war” President Joseph Biden wants to end has a counterpart in the Philippines. But while the barbaric war in the latter has been going on for five years with no end in sight, that in the US has entered a second, though equally troubling phase.

It isn’t just ‘academic’

More than anything else—more than the violence, the oppression, the mendacity and the incompetence—the certitude of ignorance is the tyrant’s worst vice.


The rescission of the 1989 Agreement seems to have no purpose behind it other than to remind UP, other universities and the rest of the country that the Duterte regime can do as it pleases with impunity and without accountability.